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There is a better way than the traditional Tax Deferred Plans like the... 401k - 403b - 457 - TSP - IRA - Pension


We want to show you how to Retire Tax-Free!



Take a look at what is being said about the 401k and Similar Tax Deferred Plans.


Watch and learn about the Tax-Free solution...


The Tax-Free IUL - Index Universal Life 


See what "60 Minutes," says about the 401k and similar Tax Deferred Plans...


Why You Should...

Never Own a 401k


(10:00) Video >> June - 2013


See what an Editor from "Time Magazine" and crew had to

say about the 401k and what he suggested!!!

Why it is Time to Retire the 401k   

(2:24) Video >> October - 2009

Listen to what...


World Renowned Tax Advisor "Ed Slott," says...


IUL - Tax-Free Retirement through Permanent Life Insurance


(5:14) Video >> February - 2014

The Complete and Detailed

Introduction to the IUL

Indexed Universal Life  - IUL Best Insurance Vehicle for Retirement

 (30:19) Video >> October - 2015

"IUL" vs  "Roth IRA"

The IUL proves to be far Superior by Comparison



 (4:48) Video >> June - 2016

Total Advantage Calculator ... 


Tax Deferred Plan vs Tax-Free Plan


401(k) - 403(b) - 457 - TSP - IRA - Pension Plan vs Tax Free IUL


(6:42) Video >> July - 2016

Did you know that the 401k was NEVER designed for Retirement?

"401k vs IUL" 


The 401k Has a Serious Problem   


(3:54) Video >> February - 2014

Parents and Grandparents...

Give your Children the opportunity that we didn't know existed since 1984!!!

The Greatest Plan ever for your ... Child ... or... Grandchild !!!


Million Dollar Baby 



(02:17) Video >> Tuesday, May 26, 2020